Bitch Girl

by J Eazy

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! This song is strictly fictional, but what is fiction but the distillation of reality into universal truth?

Sample: Nina Simone - "Rich Girl" (originally by Hall & Oates)


mama introduced me to a rich girl
smile bright looking pretty with her big pearls
don't tell peta but i liked her in thick furs
love at first sight yeah she rocked my universe
she was beautiful that was indisputable
i usually played it cool but she was so unusual
she was too pretty made me forget britney
had to remind myself to breathe whenever she was with me
couldn't handle her allure it was unfair
shot me right through the heart thought i'd die there
cupids arrow like a dart on the bullseye
left me frozen like a deer in the headlights
i could barely speak st-stuttered stammered squeaked
could've prolly cooked an egg on my burning cheeks
and you could paint the galaxy with her eyes colors
knees weak thought i'd fall after i fell for her

whenever she spoke she caught me in a web
with her sweet jokes and the way she often crossed her legs
i loved her when she laughed i loved her when she cried
and when she told me that i wasn't just another guy
it nearly blew my mind had to gather up the pieces
she was a masterpiece a real life mona lisa
bought her pretty things with a dozen canceled credit cards
ruby rings had her looking like a movie star
thought back to when i wished on a shooting star
who would ever think a boy's dreams could've gone this far
but i was 18 a young scholar had to go to college
cop knowledge so that i could talk snobbish
with the prosperous wasps in their vineyard cottages
i made a promise i'd be richer than her relatives
enter politics become a representative
of the aristocratic east egg electorate

she would listen to my speeches and smile wide
gave me sweet little kisses while we sat outside
we had nothing to hide from each other's hearts
we had everything we needed in each other's arms
august fifteenth came and i drove away
told her i would come back in a hundred days
with a christmas gift that would change her life
i kept it secret but i wanted to make her my wife
every day i worked part time instead of partying
studied in the darkness thinking of my darling
she was so sweet and charming
so i stayed true to her when the girls came calling
but then december tenth i got a letter from my true love
she was taking a vacation to bermuda
so she wouldn't be home when i was on break
felt sick thought i'd faint from this heartache

i had just put on my boots to go to tiffanies
had the perfect ring picked out to interweave our destinies
bought the ring anyway cause i had money saved
i figured it'd be just as good on another day
stayed on campus during break so i could work more
to pay the debt off from everything i bought for her
so i could buy more she deserved the world
i couldn't buy enough she was the perfect girl
but she stopped sending back letters when i sent her gifts
began to fear that from our distance had arose a rift
and then i got a letter from a old friend that said
she was fucking timmy b from the local gym!
she never went on no vacation over winter break
that photo taken on the beach was a total fake
i couldn't trust what i read had to go home
but i knew that it was true i felt it in my bones

hopped a train and nearly fought a child for a seat
i bribed the ticket boy or else he would have called the police
the train stopped at my station and i waved a cab
gave him her address told him make it fast
by the time i saw her street i was sweating through my shirt
i was clawing up the seat i was going near berzerk
the driver kicked me out cause i was talking to myself
so i walked up to her house but didn't ring the bell
climbed up the ladder in her yard that she left for our
summertime mischief when her parents were abroad
my heart near burst through my chest as i climbed higher
telling myself my old friend was a fucking liar
how would he know where the fuck she went?
bet he was jealous so he told a tale to get me bent
i would beat his ass if we ever met again
that was a promise and i woulda put it down in pen

but then i peaked through the window
and all i could say was oh no
my girl was sitting there unclothed
and timmy b was sharing her pillow
i gagged i choked i puked from the second floor
loud enough that the neighbors heard from next door
loud enough that she turned around and saw my face
then she laughed while i cried at my cruel fate
this was no joke i gave this girl my whole heart
but timmy's dad had a yacht and a boatyard
her and timmy's families had mansions on the seashore
my family was scavenging on the sea floor
she was acting like his yachts a fucking noahs ark
that hunk of metal won't match what i would have bought
woulda bought you a jet with your name on the wings
spend our country's debt twice to get you every thing

i thought we had a pact one whole from two parts
but it was all just an act from the very start
my friends all recommended that i meet some other women so i
fucked every girl who called my numbered back at college
but it didn't help i even yelled your name during sex
don't you know girl your the only thing that's in my head
you ruined my life you better not forget
now i don't like saying bitch but you're a fucking bitch
and when i get rich i'm buying timmy's yacht
make the payment then i'll fucking burn it down on the spot
i was caesar to your brutus i was jesus to your judas
and i swear to fucking god i'm never going to bermuda
you're a bitch girl and you broke my heart
and i suffer for it everyday
but i'm keeping the ring it's not leaving my hands
you fucked me up girl but you made me who i am


released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


J Eazy Connecticut

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